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About Us

BoneYard Customs and Restoration was founded officially in 2017, but was a dream for us since before we met. Greg has always loved cars and wanted some sort of place to do it. As a teenager, his love of cars was legendary. Janet loved the old "beach cars" growing up in Southern California. 


When we retired in 2016, Greg needed something to do. So BoneYard Customs and Restoration was formed. From the very first car he painted in the livestock barn (the orange is still on the walls) to today's busy shop, it has become a dream location. With three buildings connected together, a group of talented mechanics, and lots of music, we have made BoneYard a fun place to visit or to join in. 

As of 2023, we will be in the process of moving the BoneYard to a new location in beautiful Kiowa, Colorado. Stay tuned for more details.

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