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2023 Events Coming Up

This year BoneYard Customs will be traveling around our state and traveling to other states for car shows. Come join us. If you want us to come to your car show, please contact us through the Home page.

First Friday of the Month

Come meet us at the Sonic/Safeway parking lot to show off your cool ride or see some amazing rides. Starts at 5pm until we get hungry or cold

Hot August Nights, Reno NV

Head with us out to the deserts of Reno Nevada for one of the largest car shows on the west coast. Over 8,000 come from all over the country to show off their cars and have some fun.

2023 BoneYard Binge

We are opening The Studio up on July 8th from 9-5 for our Chevy Club friends and to all our friends for the BoneYard Binge. Bring your gorgeous ride (4 wheels or 2 wheels) out for a fun day of music, food, laughter, and a fun time. More info will follow on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

More Car Shows To Come In 2023

We will be out and about this year to check out some sweet rides. Lots of fun stuff going on in the Shop!


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