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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

So, this time instead of building a new building, we bought a building. We are so excited to let you know that we are going to be offering indoor vehicle storage for your beauties to rest during the snowy months. We will have additional options and levels for monthly costs as well. We are converting an old office into a lounge area. This will have a place to hold meetings, coffees in the morning, Friday Night Fun, and other fun activities during the sunny and warmer months. Greg has christened the new place as The Studio. The name, for right now, is a work in progress.

For the storage, we will have a secure and protected space for your vehicle to stay for the winter. We will have someone onsite every day to check on the vehicle. In the future, we are planning on having a wash/detail station to be able to get the car show ready when you are ready to take it out. We will also be offering trickle down battery to make sure the battery is working.

Currently, the remodeling is finishing up and soon we will have it ready for storage. Keep an eye out for an announcement. We currently will have space for 6 cars, possibly 8 for now. We will have room for more cars by next year.

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