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2023 BoneYard Binge!

What a glorious day in Kiowa, Colorado (just 10 minutes from the original BoneYard) at our new building site, The Studio. With the weather being so iffy lately, we were a little worried that our gathering wouldn't get off the ground. But boy did it get off the ground and skyrocket around Colorado! We had over 100 cars show up to our place starting at 8am in the morning and lasting until about 2pm when the forecast said there was going to be rain. Coffee and Cars was a blast with donuts and coffee for our early risers and some major grilling in the afternoon for the rest of our friends and family. With a beautiful Colorado day, we were able to have music, raffles, tshirt sales, 50-50 giveaways, etc. Everyone was enjoying themselves with food, great music, laughter, admiring some gorgeous rides, and loving the day. Our friends from the Colorado Classic Chevy Club, we had so much fun and were able to give away prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Judges Choice awards, Kid's Choice, and finally People's Favorite. To top it off, our great friend Alvin Green came out and took beautiful pictures of the cars that were on display. Overall, it was a fun day and looking forward to next year!

If you took any photos, please share them with us so we can post them here on the website and our other social media.

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