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It has been a minute, or a year.....

Hello Car Friends!!

Yes, it has been a while since the last update. We have been so busy in the shop, with family, with life, with getting through all that is going on that we have neglected you. To catch you up to date, we have built cars. A lot of cars. Ok that is vague, but true. Greg, Adam, and Vincent have been put through their paces with Chevelles in all different colors, an original Bronco in a very bright orange, a vintage style car that became a rat-rod of sorts, and many beautiful trucks. BoneYard is becoming very well known in the classic car groups that Greg's phone is ringing off the hook all the time to see when the client can bring their car in. He and Adam have been driving around the state giving quotes and picking up cars/trucks that need some TLC.

Our paint booth has seen so many types of colors being sprayed that it had to get a cleaning recently. The colors are so amazing and the work it top notch. The guys have done such incredible jobs with full body paint to touch up paint. All the colors a hot rod guy would like. In my opinion, guys like orange for some reason. Seems like we always have an orange car in the shop.

We had a High School graduation party with "pretty cars" in May. Our middle daughter wanted some of the classics to show up and they did in style. In town, the First Friday Night has started up for the summer and the cars have come out in droves. With the new DQ recently opened, we will be doing some fun gatherings there too. We did miss our favorite car show this year, Hot August Nights, due to costs of traveling but are planning on going to Hot Rod and Rumble at the end of the month. And the best news of all is our youngest daughter will be taking over our social media accounts and going to try to make Daddy "TikTok Famous". So get ready for more pictures, more videos, and more fun. Will post when we have a TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram accounts soon.

Look for photos, videos, and more blog sites in the next few weeks and continuing on. Thanks for always sticking by our side and loving our rides.

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