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Hot August Nights - Reno, NV

First week in August, the city is overrun by classic beauties. Chevelles, Bel Airs, Covettes, Fords, Internationals, Power Wagons, Bumper Car, etc. take over the town. All are lovingly restored and shown to audiences at four different hotels. Grand Sierra Resorts is the main hotel of the four, and where BoneYard Customs stays for the week. This year, like last, we brought our 1968 El Camino. She shows well and the judges do like her. The fires in California made the end of the trip not fun though. Greg had to blow the ash off her. She still has bits and pieces to complete, but we like her. At night, we sit in our camp chairs to listen to one of the many bands that play. Its definitely a fun trip.

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